Fontana Inc Q Built-in Wood-Burning Oven 57Q

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Inc is short for "Incorporated,"and that's exactly what you get with this line of ovens - the finest Italian-designed and built wood-burning oven that can be incorporated permanently into any outdoor space. The Inc Q is the built-in version of the Gusto, our best-selling product featuring cast-iron, steel and stainless steel construction for years of dependable, worry-free cooking. As the centerpiece of your patio or backyard kitchen, the Inc Q will wow your dinner guests with its beauty and the bounty of culinary delights, from brick-oven pizza and bread to roasted meats and vegetables, you can prepare in its wood-fired cooking chamber.

Fontana Platinum Series Dual Chamber Wood Fired Oven with Stainless Steel Roof and Exterior Side Panels. Includes three cooking racks, interior oven light, convection fan for even heat distribution, fire poker, three cooking pans and a certified food safe pizza stone.


  • 57V - Built in Version of GUSTO 57AV with sloped top
  • 57Q - Same as INC 57V but with square top
  • 80V - Built in Version of GUSTO 80AV with sloped top
  • 80Q - Same as INC 80V but with square top
  • 80x54V - Built in Version of GUSTO 80x54AV with sloped top
  • 80x54Q - Same as INC 80x54V but with square top
  • 80x65V - Built in Version of GUSTO 80x65AV with sloped top
  • 80x65Q - Same as INC 80x65V but with square top
  • 100x65V - Built in Version of GUSTO 100x65AV with sloped top
  • 100x65Q - Same as INC 100x65V but with square top

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