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These 7 Kitchen Design Trends are Cooking in 2019

Posted by TriMatrix Construction on 3 June 2019
These 7 Kitchen Design Trends are Cooking in 2019

The time has come to update your kitchen. You don't know much except that it's out of style and you're ready for something new.

Get inspired by some of the hottest kitchen design trends of 2019.

1. Matte Black Everything

The period of all white kitchens is over, and sultry, modern and classy tones are taking its place. From cabinetry to appliances to countertops, more and more people are choosing matte black as well as other dark tones for their kitchens. The dark colours work as a base colour for your kitchen or as finishes for your fixtures, hardware accents, and small details.

2. Colourful Accents

Black isn't the only bold colour being used for accents. With stainless steel on its way out, pops of colour are making a comeback. These pops of colour come in the form of appliances big and small, cabinets (often two-toned), upholstery, and general kitchen knick knacks. It's a great way to showcase your home's personality.

3. Concealed and Integrated Appliances and Storage

The most prominent change here is the increasing popularity of hidden hardware. Between vents and dishwashers that fit flush with their surrounding cabinets, to induction cooktops, the new face of luxury is no longer having appliances sticking out everywhere. This extends to seamless cabinets with subtle edge handles that let the cabinet doors and countertop shine.

4. Open Shelving

Kitchen storage in 2019 goes one of two ways: concealed cabinets as mentioned above, and on the other end of the spectrum, completely open shelving. Open shelving gives a kitchen a vintage feel and allows you to put your beautiful kitchenware on display. A functional bonus is that everything is easy to find.  

5. Wooden Features

The calming appeal of wood is also making a comeback and contributing to the trend of vintage vibes. 2019 kitchens are making use of wood in a variety of ways, including wooden floors, counter tops, wall panelling, on cabinets, and as accessories, with wooden spoons, bowls, cutting boards, and more on display as counter decorations or on the open shelves.

6. Integrated Technology

As we travel further into the 21st century, digital technology continues to drive innovations and new joys in the kitchen. From espresso makers that you can turn on from your bed, to ovens that can tell you when your food is cooked, to fridges with touch screens, interior cameras, and Wifi connectivity (so you can find recipes), you could make your kitchen smarter than ever.

7. Combining Old and New

An overarching theme to 2019 kitchens is the seamless integration of vintage and modern. We like to feel ready for the future while still feeling connected to the charm of the past. A kitchen with high-tech appliances may also have hand-wrapped rattan furniture. A kitchen with dark cabinets may also have natural stone countertops. It's all about finding the right balance and discovering which elements from the two eras work together.

Ready to start designing a trendy kitchen? Contact us today for a completely customized redesign and renovation of your kitchen!

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