Custom Home Builders FAQs

Q: I am sick and tired of my house, but I don't want to leave my community. Should I tear it down or renovate?
Q: How much responsibility do I hold during the construction process?
Q: How long does the construction phase last when building a custom home?
Q: What is the square foot cost of building a custom home?
Q: What is covered under my new home warranty?
Q: We are brand new to the world of having a custom home built. What are some things that should be considered?
Q: How are we different from other home builders?
Q: Is each home designed from scratch?
Q: How important is the location and lot?
Q: How can we be part of the process so that we know our original vision is being honored?
Q: How frequent is the communication during the entire process? Can changes be made once plans have been set?
Q: Do you have a philosophy concerning unplanned issues and problems?
Q: Do I have a say in changing set plans?

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New Tech for Outdoor Living: 3D Virtual Tours

Posted by TriMatrix Construction on 28 May 2018
When homeowners begin to desire to renovate their backyards they can de deterred because it may seem like an intimidating task. Some get discour...

My Crafty Laundry Room Makeover

Posted by Rebecca Hay on 22 May 2018
There are so many inspirational images of laundry rooms on the internet. Big beautiful spaces with large windows and lots of natural light. But ...

Meet Modern Landscape Designers' Julie Moore

Posted by TriMatrix Construction on 16 March 2018
Julie Moore is a conceptual artist and landscape designer at Modern Landscape Designers,with whom we had the pleasure of connecting and working ...
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Tri Matrix Construction provided a unique solut...

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A Question of Time: How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

Posted by TriMatrix Construction on 14 February 2020
Hiring a contractor to renovate your kitchen sounds like an excellent idea. Well, it is an excellent idea. For one, when your home decor and ...
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